Eight glasses of water a day seems like a fairly daunting task for even the most dedicated water connoisseurs, let alone your average, and very busy individual. But even if eight glasses were easy, we can’t forget about all those bottles, throw away filters, and expensive “spring” waters that use more gasoline to be trucked in to your local grocery store than your water is even worth. As the number one natural resource to humans, potable water shouldn’t just be easy to obtain, but as least impactful on the global environment as possible. If high quality filtered water is as important to you and your family as it is to us and ours, then the Clean & Clear Purification Specialists are the right people for you!

Why You Should Choose Reverse Osmosis for Your Home or Business

The reverse osmosis process is fairly simple, pulling “clean” water from “dirty” water and passing it into a handy faucet for you to easily access any time you feel thirsty. While safe to drink, most tap water still contains many contaminants, so this process filters out any extra chemicals or other impurities that may find their way into your much needed H2O. These invaders can include lead, fluoride, chlorine, or even parasites, and can all be easily avoided with a high quality filtration system from Clean & Clear. Sure, you could simply purchase bottled water from the local grocery store and avoid the whole mess, but that money adds up after a time, and so does all that plastic!

Don’t Settle for Dead Water

There are plenty of reverse osmosis water filters on the market that can easily remove all the harmful contaminants from your water, but our filters take it one step further! Since most home water filters can’t distinguish the healthy minerals from the damaging ones, everything is removed. But here at Clean & Clear, we add them back! Using coral sand and ceramic balls, steps two and three of our five step filtration system replace all the beneficial minerals removed in the reverse osmosis water filter process so that you never have to worry about drinking “dead water” ever again!

High Quality Water Filters from Clean & Clear

Whether you are considering purchasing a home water filter for under your sink or an office water cooler for your employees, few choices are better than purchasing with Clean & Clear. Our five step reverse osmosis water filters are built with the highest quality components from the USA, and their quality is guaranteed. Our dedicated staff is also always on call to help with any issue that may arise with your home water filter system. No matter how you look at it, the high quality water filters here at Clean & Clear beat the competition every time.

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