There are many water filters in the market, but up to a few years ago, very few people considered them necessary for home use - they were something reserved for corporate environments or big college campuses. However, as more information has emerged on fluoridation, disease outbreaks, and even accidental contamination, it’s time to start thinking otherwise. Surely an expensive system like the one in your office is not needed at home, but there are many simple reverse osmosis water filters designed especially for domestic use.


What Sets Reverse Osmosis Water Filters Apart?

Of the many different types of water filters in Sydney, reverse osmosis systems use ceramic filters that remove both suspended and dissolved solids from tap water - providing a much more pleasant and refreshing taste, especially if combined with a water chiller. Whereas most water filters simply disinfect and cool down the water, the 5-stage process used on reverse osmosis gadgets also adds back many beneficial minerals, such as potassium and ferrous salts, that the body needs in order to thrive.

These benefits are enhanced if your filter uses the Pi Water system. This patented mechanism was nicknamed Life Water by researchers Dr. Yashamita and Dr. Makino, after they observed plants watered with its waters grew noticeably bigger and healthier than those watered with standard tap water.


Combining Versatility and Convenience for the Benefit of Australian Families

Modern home water filters have developed functional models that can be installed anywhere, even in small spaces. An under sink water filter, for example, combines a reverse osmosis water filter with a water chiller that will make your water feel as good as a restaurant’s without getting in anyone’s way. For large families, a whole house filtration system will also purify the water you use for showering and laundry, which will lessen damage to your skin, hair, and clothes.


A Superior Safety and Taste Standard

Water is supposed to taste like “nothing”, but that’s far from true – depending on where you live, tap water can have different aftertastes, ranging from sweet to metallic. This is partly because of added fluoride, abut also because of residues in the pipelines: in many areas of Sydney, water filters are necessary a real “clean tasting” experience.

If reverse osmosis water filters are the way to go for your home, Clean&Clear is the gold standard in the industry. Call us now.

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