In offices, we only have in our hands one of the following 5 things: a pen, paper, computer keyboard and mouse, or a cup of coffee.

It’s a part of our daily routine. Whether we’re at work or while resting, it’s common to see a cup of steaming hot coffee no matter what time of the day. During meetings, we always smell the stimulating aroma brought by coffee.

That’s why it’s great if anyone can get hot water anytime of the day. That’s where a small hot water heater can help.

But how to choose a compact wall mounted water boiler? Read on and explore the practical tips so you can make the best choice:

How to select a small hot water unit for my office

  1. Look at the capacity. Can it deliver at least 100 cups of hot water per hour? This is important.

Notice that when one employee prepares a cup of coffee, the whole staff usually follows? It’s a normal thing. That’s why it’s essential that the water boiler can fulfill the needs of the whole staff (especially during overtime and long meetings).

The main purpose of compact water boilers is to avoid the waiting time caused by kettles. If we’re always waiting for hot water, that’s less time for actual work. But if there’s always enough hot water for everybody (anytime), we can immediately go back to work.

  1. Is the water boiler made of strong material? This is also important. Expect the wall mounted hot water unit to be used often all throughout the day or night. That’s why it’s good to have one that is made from a very strong material.

Many wall mounted water boilers now are made from stainless steel. Aside from being a proven durable material, stainless steel also presents a smooth and neat look.

You’re sure you can see your water boiler without any scratch or noticeable damage even for months and years of everyday use. Also, it can be a fine addition to your workplace because of its sophisticated look.

  1. Is it energy-efficient? Whatever we’re purchasing, we always look at the price and the cost of ownership and operation. We also need to look at the electricity consumption and other costs (e.g. possible repairs, replacements).

That’s why it’s good to check if the wall mounted boiler is energy-efficient. It’s also good to check if the unit has a precise water temperature control. This way, the temperature stays uniform every time we get a hot cup of water. We always know what to expect and we won’t be surprised if the temperature is way below the normal thing we encounter.

Wall mounted boiler for your office

Make your staff happier by having a wall mounted water boiler at your workplace. Surely, your staff will appreciate having 24/7 access to hot water to prepare their stimulating and steaming coffee.

If you have any enquiries about wall mounted water boilers, call us today at 1300 733 853.

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