Old habits die hard. But if we started a good habit while young, it will stick with us through the years.

It applies to almost any area such as studying, exercising, working, eating healthy foods, and drinking water regularly. It’s always great to adopt good and healthy habits early on because of the effects of accumulation.

One small habit can change the trajectory of our lives. This is true especially for our children who learn through examples and who could make a greater impact to the society and environment because of their actions.

How kids learn environment-friendly practices?

It’s only in the recent years that water safety is becoming a priority. Many of us grew up without much knowledge about the contaminants in water. But we now know some of the microorganisms and harmful substances that may be present in our water.

Even kids now might already know that chlorine can be harmful in the long run. They have easy access to information and whenever they have questions, they can easily find the answer.

However, kids don’t have the capabilities to practice what they’re learning and discern the truth. They still need the guidance of parents. The children also need to see clear examples.

What adults can do to help?

Children (and even adults) best learn through examples. It usually starts at home.

If the home has water filters installed, children will become aware early on that tap water may not be safe. In addition, they will learn that water filters can lessen our reliance to bottled water. As a result, they will be helping the environment even while they’re still young.

It can also be a good way to educate children about water and our environment. We can explain what are the possible contaminants present in water. We can also answer the possible questions they have about water filters.

A whole house filtration system can deliver the most benefit. Each drop of water the kids use and drink will be considered safe. Even at the shower (where kids drink water occasionally), the filters installed will remove some of the harmful contaminants.

If the children start right, they will be carrying the good habits until they get old. Imagine the positive impact they will have accomplished after many years. In addition, they will also influence others to apply more environmentally-sound practices.

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