Go to your kitchen, open the faucet and fill a glass with water. Have you ever experienced having second thoughts before taking the first sip?


For many people, water filters are a great addition at home. Filtering your own water is a good way to determine how clean it is for you and your family to drink. In addition, you can quench your thirst without the worry of drinking microbes, chloroform or nitrate. To make sure you have a constant supply of clean and healthy water, the wisest move is to install a water treatment and purification system.


But, does choosing the right one confuse you? To help you identify which system is best for you, this article discusses the different types of water treatment devices for home use.


Undersink Models


Tap water may be safe, but it does not always means it has excellent quality and free from contamination. Twin and Triple undersink filter system is effective in filtering out unwanted minerals, which affects the taste and smell of water. For water filter providers like us, a water assessment test is important prior to purchasing a water filter. Doing this allows you to have a system that removes dirt, sand and other contaminants.


Wall-Mounted Filter


A wall-mounted water boiler is a popular choice today. Apart from being energy efficient, it’s fully automatic, operates silently, and provide easy access to clean, hot water. Though it’s an ideal solution for an office, that does not mean you can’t have one in your home. It’s affordable and the filters last a long time.


Whole-House Filtration


This type of water purification system typically treats all or most of the water entering pipe water. Though whole-house filtration system is costlier than the others, it does outperform tap water filters in many ways. It combines water sanitization and softening functions.


You may not notice it, but pollutants enter your water supply. At Clean & Clear, we take safe drinking water seriously. This is the reason our main goal is to provide our customers high-quality and innovative water filters. Contact us today to know more about what we offer.

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