Using a water filtration system in convergence with your water supply engages micro technology to ensure your water is free from sediment and other particles that pollute primary water mains. Such particles can cause harm to human digestive tracts and other parts of the body. Once you have your Clean & Clear water filter installed, it makes sense to drink more water to remain in good health, especially if you’re working from home at the moment. If you’re in the process of considering which clear filter water filter to purchase, or need water filter replacement, consider an undercounter water filter. These are highly discrete and efficient (in terms of room needed – not much), and at an affordable rate, guarantee your water supply is fresh and clean all the time.

With a super fine coconut carbon final polisher, stainless steel fittings and quick-connect tubes along with high-grade pressure housings made in the USA, Clean and Clearwater undersink water filter systems are guaranteed to last and provide your home with filtered water at all times.

Reverse osmosis systems are another great undercounter water filter to use when you want to be certain that your water supply is free from pollutants. Reverse osmosis works by neutralising acidic compounds that have seeped into the water supply organically. It reduces the PH level of the water you consume to a safe level. Reverse osmosis drinking water purified by an undersink water filter is cleaner and more-closely aligned to what your body needs to remain fit and healthy.

For individuals concerned about fluoride consumption when it comes to drinking water from the tap, peace of mind is readily available consequently to installing an undercounter water filter. Water produced from the bubbler will have had its fluoride components totally removed by the time it reaches your lips, ensuring your body isn’t forced to process chemicals that may leave traces.

Kitchen sink filters are installed under the sink or counter, beneath the water supply, while the bubbler will sit on top of the sink, adjacent to the tap. Clean and Clear Water’s water filters and reverse osmosis systems are lightweight yet durable and don’t reduce the storage capacity of the area under your sink to a large degree. Installation will take less than one day and will require minimal maintenance to continue functioning correctly for the long term.

Clean and Clear Water is Sydney’s best water filter supplier. We stock a vast range of undersink water filters and undersink reverse osmosis water filters for your kitchen, and can readily install the framework in any other room of your house. All of our parts are shipped from the USA or the UK and are fitted to Australian plumbing infrastructure. We guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied with your purchase from Clean and Clear Water. We’re available to take your call Monday to Friday during business hours on 1300 733 853. Speak with one of our friendly staff today about all of your undersink water filtration needs.


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