It’s a given that in your workplace you’ll have friends and colleagues, but how many water cooler relationships do you have? It’s not a derogatory term. It simply means that you engage with people in your workplace over the water cooler. It’s an effective way to have a healthier, happier work environment and there are studies backing up this trend. Is it a waste of time or is it a worthwhile way to improve performance, enhance the atmosphere, and encourage a healthier lifestyle?

Office Water Coolers Improve Performance

It seems counterproductive that spending more time away from your desk chatting around the water cooler actually does the company any good. This might be what we perceive, but it’s wrong. People who have the chance to socialise and spend time even making light conversation have better working relationships. The bottom line of a company also sees the benefits. More run-ins with other colleagues increase the chance that problems can be solved and more solutions can be found.

Water Coolers Enhance the Atmosphere

The chance encounters had with people at a common place like the coffee machine or the office water cooler make a significant shift in the atmosphere of work. Having a social chat with a supervisor reduces the stress levels of employees. It reduces the social anxiety people have at work by having more opportunities to make chit-chat.

Water Coolers Encourage Healthier Employees

Many times, you might feel hungry even recently after eating. You might even forget to take breaks to stand from your sitting position at a desk. Offices that supply a water cooler encourage employees to be more health-conscious, becoming aware of their sitting habits and their water intake. This work-life balance leads to more productive, longer-lasting employees.

If the water cooler isn’t a social spot at your office, you can change that today. Call 1300 733 853 to get a water cooler installed in your office.

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