You and I are each 60% water, and water is essential to our very survival. It nourishes each of our cells, tissues, and organs, regulates our temperature, and keeps the moisture level correct in our bones, blood, and brain. It even helps to keep us from looking wrinkled when we age.


Without a little help, fresh, good-tasting water is often difficult to come by


Stories of water pollution in Sydney litter the internet. Corporations allow waste and pollutants to flow into our waterways. A 2014 analysis of Sydney’s waterways found that levels of copper, zinc, aluminum, and sometimes lead were far too high in the creeks in Sydney. There is also a lot of pesticide use, and the runoff seeps into our ground water.


Hot summers are a time when we need fresh water


Whether working or playing, from rugby to horseback riding, summer is a time of thirst in the warm summer days in Sydney. In the heat we lose moisture due to perspiration, excretion, and drinking diuretic fluids like coffee.


Our thirst sensors may not always tell us when we need more water, but in the summer heat it is always good to hydrate. Quite often we do not get the message that we are dehydrated until the level of dehydration affects our body’s normal processing.


Staying hydrated in the summer heat helps both heart and muscles work better. Dehydration can lead to things like swelling in the feet and legs, headaches, and even heat stroke.


Getting good water for maximum hydration


Water filtration and purification can assure you have the very best water for hydration. A water filter in your home can make a lot of difference in your health. Clean & Clear Purification Specialists offer advanced water purification systems that remove a vast array of pollutants from your drinking water.


They have under-sink units as well as chillers and boilers and 5-stage reverse osmosis units. Their whole-house filtration ensures that even in the shower, you will not be subject to the pollutants in ordinary tap water. The whole house unit not only removes pollutants and chlorine, it also removes sediment. This protects your water pipes, your hot water heater, and your appliances that use water such as your washer and dishwasher from the damage sediment can cause.


Once you get used to the wonderful taste and health benefits of fresh, clean water at home, you will definitely want to have it available to you at your office. Clean & Clear Purification Specialists have filtered water coolers for your office that remove pollutants and give you fresh, cool water.


You will love the taste of water without chlorine and other contaminants, and so will your body.



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