An under counter water heater will get rid of those long waiting times. You get the hot water whenever you need it without using the time-consuming kettle.

It’s the perfect solution to making almost everything instant. Even though it’s just a few minutes each day, add all that and it becomes surprising. For example, you might need at least 5 minutes to have hot water using the kettle. Five minutes multiplied by 365 days becomes 1,825 minutes total or approximately 30 hours.

That’s almost one workweek. You could have spent that time in more productive ways. You also save on willpower and reserve that for making more important actions and decisions (our willpower gets depleted easily).

The rise of on-demand solutions

There’s one effective way on saving time and costs: Make something available only when it’s needed.

When boiling water through the kettle, most of that water will be unused. When you need the water for other purposes, you’ll have to boil again. This is inefficient and costly (higher electricity bills).

But with an under counter water heater (especially near kitchen sinks), you will benefit from efficiency. You have access to an on-demand solution, which helps you save time and costs.

Less travel time, get the most out of your money

Water loses heat as it travels through pipes. If the actual heating unit is far from the point-of-use, heat is lost to the pipelines and surroundings.

This is not the case with undersink boilers. The operation is more straightforward. This means almost every watt spent in heating water translates to real use. Not much heat is lost because there is less travel time.

Under counter water heater Sydney

With those advantages and benefits, many Sydney individuals and families are choosing to have undersink boilers in their homes.

Forget about using the kettle. The more efficient and cost-effective solution is the under the sink boiler. Contact us today at Clean & Clear Purification Specialists if you want to learn more.

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