When discussing the importance of water, it’s important to go beyond the basic 8-glasses-per-day medical recommendation. After all, if customers are to minimise consumption of fizzy drinks and sweetened juices, they should be replaced by a worthy and tasty alternative.


It’s no secret that standard tap water often doesn’t cut it: the amount of minerals – and even occasional E. coli bacteria and algae – it contains can be just as unpleasant to taste buds as to digestive health. However, for most people in Sydney, space is a valuable commodity and few people can afford to lose half their kitchen space for a ceramic water filter that will only take care of half the job.


Make Space Double its Worth: Squeeze a Water Filter Under Your Sink


The true test of a great design is how well it takes advantage of any “wasted space” left around. An almost universal wasted space of any kitchen is the cabinet under the sink, moisture makes it unsuitable for storing anything but cleaning products. Why not put it to use for something that will benefit your entire family’s help?


An under the sink water filter can be comfortably installed there, clearing all the water coming through your kitchen sink to ensure it’s free from bacteria, impurities, trihalomethanes, and foul-tasting metals.


Take It Up a Notch: Three Stage Filter Will Give You Three Times the Value


A question many homeowners face when installing a home water filter is which is better, a ceramic water filter or a carbon one?  While the former is the best to get rid of impurities and trihalomethanes, only quality carbon filters will remove most of the metals in the water. With our triple under sink water filter, you no longer have to choose. Our exclusive system combines a ceramic water filter, a super block carbon filter, and a final coconut shell carbon filter that provides a clean, refreshing taste to your water.


In this way, an otherwise empty space in your home can triple the benefits it provides. Get more details on each stage of filtration or contact us right away!


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