Undersink water filters for homes help in making water clean and safe for families and employees. Tap water might contain harmful microbes and chemicals that cause diseases. Water from treatment facilities might still be contaminated because of our plumbing, leaks, and other causes.

With undersink water filters, contaminants are being removed before they reach our glass of water. They serve as an immediate layer of protection to us and our families. We’ll have some peace of mind whenever we use water for drinking.

We don’t have to worry about our water having rust, dirt, Cryptosporidium, lead, chlorine, VOCs, and other harmful substances. We won’t also have to worry much about kids accidentally ingesting those harmful chemicals.

What is an undersink water filter?

Undersink water filters remove dirt and contaminants. Aside from making our water clean and safe, these filters also make our water have a pleasant taste. This helps kids drink more water instead of craving for sweetened drinks.

How do undersink water filters work?

They remove sediments, rust, dust, and other solid particles. Many filters also remove chlorine, aluminium, cadmium, lead, mercury, VOCs, and other harmful chemicals. Microbes such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia are also being removed by water filters.

Water from the tap undergoes phases of filtration. In each phase, a set of particles will be removed. In the final phase, the water goes out as almost pure. The useful lifespan of filters can reach up to a year without need for replacement. Annual maintenance and replacement will be needed to keep the filters working well. These filters can accumulate dirt or wear out as a result of continuously removing water contaminants.

How to choose an undersink water filter?

For homes and kitchens, space is important. That’s why many homeowners choose clean and compact undersink water filters. They don’t take much space but they still perform their function, which is to provide a steady supply of clean water.

The same applies to other places such as offices. Customers always consider spaces when installing equipment. Good news is that water filters only take up a minimal amount of space. This results to no hassles and no adjustments on the sink or kitchen design.

Aside from the water filter itself, you should also consider the maintenance and replacement required. For example, here at Clean & Clear Water, we perform cartridge replacements at competitive prices. We also send a reminder to customers about the right time for required maintenance. This way, customers are always sure they are getting a reliable supply of clean water.

If you’re interested in getting a reliable undersink water filter and affordable maintenance service, contact us now. We provide friendly and prompt responses to customer enquiries.

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