Have you ever thought about how water coolers actually mimics the conditions found out on the streets of a big city like Sydney? It’s not a too far-off metaphor to describe the water cooler of an office as the town square of a city. It’s an interaction point, a meeting place, a happenstance of relationships that are made every few minutes. Colleagues meet supervisors; departments meet other departments, and all because of the universal need to get some water.

Water Coolers: Sydney Business Benefits

This interaction at the water coolers has its benefits. Cities inspire creativity and solutions the way a town or village could not. The interaction of humans in a tight spot encourages greater collaboration and better innovations. That’s what businesses are looking to mimic when they install water coolers in Sydney offices. It’s a blessing from the bosses on high to encourage their employees to have more breaks, meet more people, and in turn, create better results. Chance meetings between departments have led to some great ideas such as the sticky notepad. If you’re stuck on a particular point, it could be the IT department or the office staff that can provide the solution you need. And where do you find them? At the water cooler, of course.

Businesses are making it a point to install these purposeful places where chance meetings can happen. There are side benefits of course, but the water cooler effect can be felt in the bottom line. Productivity goes up, happiness rises, and a rising tide raises all ships in the office.

Give people more chances to meet up and they’ll be healthier, more productive people. Stress can be alleviated when supervisors and employees meet in a non-threatening environment. Healthy lifestyles are encouraged when you take breaks from prolonged sitting to walk to the water cooler. It also discourages loneliness in the workplace.

Water coolers should be an essential item in your workplace. Call us today to get a water cooler that fits your needs.

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