A water cooling unit is a common fixture in many busy offices, which is why it’s often taken for granted. It’s one of the few things that when it’s missing (or not functioning well), the whole staff will notice.

Why is a water cooler such an important fixture in Sydney offices? Let’s explore the benefits and you’ll never look at water cooling units the same way again:

1. Stay hydrated and productive

One common reason why many employees can’t give their best is dehydration. Lack of water in the body results to worse physical and mental performance.

Our bodies need enough water to properly function and get rid of the toxins. Without enough water, our bodies will work harder and use more energy (that energy could instead be utilised in more productive means).

2. Encourage drinking of water

Many people rely on willpower to apply healthy practices. They force themselves to choose clean water over coffee or sugary drinks. However, willpower won’t help much if there’s always resistance (and the temptation to buy sugary beverages nearby).

A more effective approach is to change the environment itself. Put the water cooler nearby and you’ll never rely much on willpower ever again. Your staff will reach out to that water cooler more often.

3. Save money in the long run

Never underestimate the power of accumulation. This especially applies to the buying of 500-mL bottled water every day.

The costs add up. Your staff might not notice it but they’re spending a lot over the course of a year. In addition, the plastic bottles add up and never get recycled. They end up in the landfill or even in oceans.

A water cooling unit can help your staff save money. It’s also a cost-effective way for the whole office. Everybody will have access to clean and cold water in exchange for a small investment.

Water cooling unit for Sydney offices

Those benefits persuade managers to purchase water coolers for their workplaces. It’s a sound investment and contributes to overall employee satisfaction.

If you want to learn more about water coolers (with additional features such as removal of chemicals and dirt), you can watch this short YouTube video about Envirocooler.

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