Many Australians now install a water filter for home tap. That’s because they’re now aware of the possible contaminants present in the water supply.

A water filter can serve as an added layer of protection to you and your family. Instead of getting the water straight from the faucet, the filtration system will intervene. It can remove the contaminants before it can reach your glass of water.

With that benefit alone, many individuals and families now choose to install water filtration systems in their home. Specifically, here are the other benefits that helped them make the right choice:

1. Remove chlorine and disinfection by-products

For decades, urban areas have been relying on chlorine to kill microorganisms (especially E. coli). However, recent studies have shown that chlorine can also cause harm to human health. In addition, chlorine can react with other substances to form possibly even more dangerous chemicals.

That’s why many people now want to remove chlorine especially in drinking water (they even install shower filters to make sure no chlorine comes out). Thankfully, twin undersink water filters can effectively remove the chlorine before the water comes out of the tap.

2. Remove heavy metals

Heavy metals (especially lead and mercury) are known to interfere with human physical and mental functioning. That’s why it’s best to remove them especially when it comes to our drinking water.

How to remove these heavy metals? An ultrafine carbon filter which is present in both twin and triple undersink filters can remove lead, mercury and other metals.

3. Make the water taste more pleasant

How to encourage children and other people to drink more water? One easy way is by making the water taste better.

That’s one reason many people resort to sugary beverages. These taste better and maybe the water just tastes different.

That’s why many under the sink filters now take care of the taste. The final stage (even in 5-stage reverse osmosis systems) is usually dedicated to improving the taste of the drinking water. This way, drinking water will be an enjoyable experience even for children.

Water filter for home tap Sydney

A water filter could be your best protection against the nasty water contaminants. Water filters can also help ensure your health and safety every day.

If you need an under the sink filter or a 5-stage reverse osmosis system, contact us today. We provide warranty on parts and labour.

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