Many governments all over the world have opted to fluoridate their water supplies, with the intention that the addition of fluoride will help protect citizens from tooth decay. However, more and more people are questioning the supposed positives of this initiative as well as whether fluoride harms the health when consumed.

Homeowners who would prefer to opt out of fluoridated drinking water need to take matters into their own hands. However, this isn’t as simple as it may seem. One can’t just buy cheap water filters or pitcher filters and call it a day, as these don’t remove fluoride.

Here is what works and what doesn’t when it comes to water filtration in Sydney and removing fluoride.

Fluoride-Free, Clean Drinking Water in Sydney: What Doesn’t Work

1.      Standard, Cheap Water Filters, and Pitcher Filters

Standard filters bought from big box stores do not do the job necessary to remove fluoride. These types are only good for filtering certain contaminants and minerals that give a bad taste.

2.      Boiling Water

While boiling water is effective for ridding it of chlorine, it will not help with fluoride levels. In fact, boiling water will increase the fluoride content.

Fluoride Water Filtering Sydney: What Works

A good, long-term solution to removing fluoride from a homeowner’s drinking water is to use a reverse osmosis system.

This is an investment up front but will provide clean drinking water in Sydney for years to come, which means it will eventually pay for itself. Water filtrations systems that use reverse osmosis, like Clean and Clear Water’s 5-stage system, removes everything else homeowners don’t want in their water, too, like dust, rust, chlorine, microparticles – and it improves the water’s taste.

A reverse osmosis system will fit underneath a sink and provide plenty of cool, clear drinking water with no trace of unwanted fluoride. Enquire with Clean and Clear Water today to find out how you can get your own home filtration system and take control of your family’s health.

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