Water is essential and its presence on a planet can mean signs of life. Many organisms can’t sustain life without it. We humans also need water for our survival and to make our daily activities possible (e.g. cooking, washing, bathing).

However, why is water way cheaper than diamonds? Water is essential, diamonds are not. We don’t need diamonds for our survival. But lack of drinking water and dehydration can result to death and other negative health effects.

That’s the diamond-water paradox. Also, many people don’t place much value or attention on the water they drink. It’s always available and we often take it for granted. But clean drinking water holds the key to our survival and better health.

Why we should pay more attention to the water we drink

When there’s news about diamonds, people are all ears. Million-dollar auctions, celebrities’ jewelries, theft, and more. Also, when some people see diamonds, they forget everything else.

But what about water? The news about it is often buried in websites and paper publications (except if you’re always reading environment and science articles). The insight here is the interesting (diamonds) is often different from what’s significant (water).

Slowly but surely, scientists reveal the risks associated with water straight from the tap. Researches also show that bottled water can also pose some risks.

More and more people now are paying more attention to the water they drink. That’s because it’s essential and affects the future of their children and the environment.

How people prioritise clean water

In homes, schools, workplaces, and communities, people install reverse osmosis systems, undersink water filters, and even shower filters to make sure water is clean and safe. Reverse osmosis effectively removes dirt and microparticles. Shower filters on the other hand are effective in removing chlorine from water.

Many people now (whether in homes or commercial establishments) place more emphasis on the quality of water they drink and use. There’s a raised awareness about safety and cleanliness.

It’s a small investment compared to the price of diamonds. With affordable and quick installations of water filtration systems, people can have added assurance that the water they drink and use is safe for themselves and their children.

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