A water filtration system, whether for the whole house or just under the kitchen sink, will most likely use a filter or filter cartridge to get all that undesirable stuff out of a homeowner’s water. However, in order to work efficiently and perform at their peak, it’s wise to considering replacing your water filter cartridge regularly.

Why Homeowners Need to Regularly Replace their Water Filter: The Technical Stuff

Water filters literally filter out the contaminants and particulates that homeowners don’t want in their water, especially their drinking water. As sediment collects on the filter, it will eventually build up to a point where no more can be collected on the surface area (or absorbed into the filter’s pores).

At this point, water can no longer move through the clogged filter easily. This, in turn, slows down clean water production and affects the efficiency of water filtering. It’s time to think about replacing your water filter cartridge.

When to Replace a Water Filter Cartridge in NSW

There’s a different cycle for every water filtration system in NSW, but in general, replacing a water filter cartridge depends on usage and water quality. Water that has a lot of particulates in it will need a filter change more often. On the other hand, a family who drinks buckets of water has large loads of laundry, or collectively take long showers will also need to change their filter more frequently.

Which NSW Water Filters to Use

It’s best to always stick to what the manufacturer recommends regarding filter replacements. Other options out there may be cheaper, but they may not be the right size, nor of good quality. Non-certified filters, in particular, can let water in and around them, which completely defeats the filtration system and will let impurities into the filtered water supply.

If homeowners have questions or concerns about their filter or how often it should be changed, they can always contact their certified water service company, like Clean and Clear Water, for help and advice. Or, to find out more about installing a water filtration system, call today and find out what Clean and Clear Water can do for you.

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