A whole home water filter is a small investment towards ensuring your loved ones are protected from harmful water contaminants. That’s why many Sydney individuals and families already have one in their homes.

A whole house filtration system gives peace of mind to residents. More and more Australians are becoming aware of the pollutants present in the water. Yes, the water utility companies give their best to provide safe water. But it never hurts to get sure by installing a whole home water filter.

Removal of chlorine and sediment from all taps

Chlorine is known to cause irritation to the skin, eyes and the respiratory tract. It’s also known to react with organics to form trihalomethanes and other disinfection by-products. That’s one reason why residents even install a shower filter to remove chlorine.

Sediments might also be present in the water from the tap. Aside from affecting the taste and appearance of the water, sediments can also contain harmful substances. A whole house water filtration system can help in removing these sediments.

Going beyond health and safety

Removal of sediments and chlorine also presents other benefits. Without these substances, your tap washers, hot water systems and appliances will be protected.

This will directly translate to savings in the long run. This is especially the case with hot water units. Scaling is a common problem among these systems (mostly due to sediments and other particles). Without those sediments, your hot water system will function more efficiently.

You and your loved ones will be protected from contaminants while also adding a longer useful lifespan to your appliances and hot water units.

Whole home water filter Sydney: A worthy investment

It’s now clear why a whole house water filter is a worthy investment. You ensure health and safety while also protecting your home appliances.

If you need a cost-effective water filter solution for your home, you can contact us here at Clean & Clear Purification Specialists. Our specialists (with over 3 decades of experience) will install the perfect solution for you and your family.

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