Water is one of the necessities of survival for living organisms. It’s a naturally occurring resource and its sources include rivers, oceans, wells and rain. Human beings put water into several day to day uses and activities. Drinking is one of its core uses. Other primary uses include cooking, showering, laundry, cleaning utensils and for healthy growth of crops and animals.

Due to its many uses, home water always needs to be kept clean and healthy. It needs to be safe from disease causing organisms and other contaminants that make water unfriendly to the human health.

What are Whole House Filter Systems?

As the name suggests, these are filter systems meant for the whole house. They’re also referred to as point of entry filter systems. They are installed directly to main water pipe of the house. It’s a convenient filter system and nullifies the need for other filter systems, if you have the right one.

Why Whole House Filter Systems

Normally, home water filters are available in many and different types, shapes and sizes. You can get under sink water filters, counter top filters, reverse osmosis water filters, ceramic water filters among many others. All these filters are designed for different contaminants.
Instead of deploying many different types of filters in your home, you can make use a whole house water filter. This filter will be placed right where water enters your house. This will therefore mean that all the water that gets in to the house is already filtered. You can then use this water in the laundry, shower and even sink.

How Whole House Water Filtration Systems work

Majorly used technologies in water filtration include; filtration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet disinfection, distillers and also treatment systems. A combination of filtration techniques are used in the whole house water filtration systems. They are as follows.

Types of Whole Water Filter Systems

There are two main types of whole house systems;

• Heavy duty whole house filtration systems

These are whole house filtration systems that use large amounts of filter media. This increases their performance and are therefore reliable for production of high quality water. The unit is placed in a tank and is reliable for efficient functionality for 5-10 years. Filter media will then require replacement.

• Standard Capacity Water Cartridge Systems

These are filter cartridges that are usually placed inside lasting filter housings. They are then capable of treating water for use in the whole home. They are more affordable in contrast to the heavy duty whole house filtration systems, but require a lot of maintenance.


Clean and safe water leads to a healthy living. Whole House Filtration Systems are very effective in ensuring that clean and safe water is supplied throughout the house. Contact us for more information!

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