Water from the tap is usually clear. Water directly from the faucet also seems odourless. That’s why many people think it’s always safe to drink odourless water coming directly from the tap.

However, appearance and odour can fool us. It’s similar to looking a glass container. It doesn’t matter whether it’s hot or cold, it still looks the same. The appearance of water also doesn’t tell the whole story. The reason is that the contaminants are microscopic in nature. Whether we realize it or not, they might be present even if the water looks “safe.”

Water from the tap also seems odourless. One reason is that people have already got used to the odour of chlorine. If you get exposed to it each day, there comes a time that your senses get dulled. This means you and your family might not smell the chlorine because of years of daily exposure.

What should you do then? It’s important to go beyond the appearance and odour to ensure your family’s safety. After all, you’re using the water for:

One way or another, water comes into our bodies. The effects accumulate because we use water on a daily basis. If you want to avoid the effects of water with contaminants, it’s advisable to install an added layer of protection. One way to do that is by installing a whole house filtration system.

About whole house filtration systems

Whole house filtration systems can remove sediments and chlorine from taps and showers. They filter out harmful elements that might have found their way into our taps. This makes the water we use for daily consumption truly safe and clean.

How do whole house filtration systems work? They have filters that don’t let pass other particles besides water. This makes the water almost pure and free from contaminants. Those contaminants don’t make their way into our glass of water, meals, and our bodies.

Whole house filtration systems can provide your family with a steady supply of clean water. This is true especially if regular maintenance and replacements are being performed. If you decide to install a water filtration in your home, it’s also good to think about the maintenance service.

That’s why we provide a reliable and prompt maintenance services for water filtration systems. We have already served thousands of customers throughout NSW. Contact us if you need a reliable installation or maintenance service about whole house filtration systems.

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