Reverse osmosis is a chemical treatment process that filters water. The procedure involves forcing water through special membranes while exerting pressure that removes solid substances, minerals, and contaminants. The filtered water is then safe for consumption, whether for drinking or cooking.


Lead-free Water


Reverse osmosis is an effective filtering system that removes lead, a contaminant that causes all sorts of diseases. High levels of this substance increase blood pressure, leads to muscle and nerve deterioration and damage, and fertility problems. Lead may also cause anaemia in children and potential brain damage.


Removes Cryptosporidium


Contaminated water contains Cryptosporidium, a parasite that wreaks havoc on your small intestines, leading to diarrhoea, fever and stomach cramps. Ingestion of this parasite may also cause dehydration in children. Reverse osmosis makes sure that the water you drink has no trace of Cryptosporidium.


Filters Sodium


Water that contains high levels of sodium is not good for people who have cardiovascular diseases or have a predisposition for them. It increases the possibility of high blood pressure, liver and kidney disease, and ailments associated. The process of reverse osmosis filters sodium out of the water you drink or use for cooking.


Why Choose Clean & Clear Purification Specialists


Clean & Clear Purification Specialists provides you with clean and safe filtered water for daily consumption. Our tried and tested processes, such as reverse osmosis, make sure that the water you use is free of any harmful chemicals and contaminants that may lead to diseases.


Our 5-stage reverse osmosis process safely and efficiently removes dissolved and suspended solids, such as metals, chemicals, and chlorides, producing fresh and clean water. Our granular activated carbon filter removes chlorine and offers membrane protection. The ultrafine membrane removes micro particles left behind during the process. The carbon polishing creates a good tasting end product that you safely drink.


We also offer different kinds of filtration systems, such as whole house filtration, a triple under sink water filter, twin under sink and others to provide you with clean and safe water.

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