More and more people now are getting concerned about the state of their drinking water. Lawmakers and government agencies are setting stricter standards. The public are now also aware of what are the different contaminants present in drinking water.

That’s why people pay extra attention to their drinking water. Often, they only focus on that clear glass of drinking water. However, we also take in water through other means.

The risks are also present in different ways

We’re talking about drinking coffee, milk, juice, and other beverages. How do we prepare a glass or cup of each of these?

Many people often get the water straight from the tap. They put ice (or put it inside the fridge) or boil the water. Then they add coffee, milk, or juice powder.

Sure, microorganisms will find it hard to proliferate (especially when you boil the water). However, many harmful substances still stay in the water no matter how much ice or how many times you boil it.

The water came straight from the tap and then it will also come straight into your body through the coffee or juice you drink. The harmful chemicals are still there and we forgot about them because our attention is only on the glass of water we drink.

What’s your water source for cooking?

Aside from beverages, many people also use tap water for preparing their foods. It’s an automatic routine where they turn on the faucet and use the water for cooking.

Without undersink water filters, the contaminants can go straight to your food. But if the water gets filtered first before it gets out of the tap, you have an additional layer of protection for you and your family.

You will need water to prepare different meals. You will also use the water to prepare your favourite beverage every morning. These are other ways where you take in water.

How to ensure all the water you use is safe

One of the best things to do is to also pay attention on your other water usage. For cooking, preparing beverages, and even showering, the contaminants must be removed from the water.

It’s a little additional investment in terms of the assurance you provide for you and your family. In addition, you benefit from it every day because you protect yourself on a daily basis.

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