Bottled water is everywhere these days. Just go to any convenience store, and chances are, there will be no less than five different brands to choose from, each with varying shapes and sizes. For many, buying one of these whenever they are thirsty is a deep-seated habit, and not one they really think about.

But there are some strong reasons to banish this mainstay from your life. Giving up bottled water and switching purely to tap can end up being one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

1. It is absurdly expensive – The most obvious reason, and the one that usually convinces people to give up bottled water, is the sheer cost of it. Each bottle might not seem like much, but many people spend well over a thousand dollars on it every year. Compare it to tap water, which costs just a tiny fraction of that, and you can free up an extraordinary amount of money.

2. Tap water is perfectly fine – Some might say that bottled water is safer, but you can have completely pure and safe tap water just by installing a filter. This way, you know for sure that the water you drink is hygienic, rather than taking some company’s word for it.

3. Taste is not an issue – There have been tests that showed people cannot actually tell the difference between the taste of tap water and several different brands of bottled water. Still, for those who live in areas where tap water has an uncommon taste or odour, water filters can help with that as well.

4. It is terrible for the environment – If you are the type of person to care about your carbon footprint, you probably already know how bad bottled water is for the environment. Manufacturing plastic in such large quantities uses up a tremendous amount of fuel, and they do not degrade. While recycling efforts have increased, there is still a vast quantity that ends up in landfills, the soil, or in bodies of water.

5. There are no real health benefits – Some companies tout that their special brand of bottled water has valuable health benefits, but never really go into detail what those are. They are also a fan of misleading claims, like saying that the water is natural spring water, despite getting it from the same tap as everyone else.

If you are considering giving up bottled water for good, then installing a water filter in your home will greatly help. No matter what your needs are, we can make sure that what comes out of your tap is safe, clean, and tastes great. Give us a call and we will be right there.

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