Contaminants come into our bodies by drinking contaminated water. Another way is by taking a shower. As the water pours down, we might inhale some of the contaminants. Our skin can also easily absorb those contaminants which cause infections and allergies.

One of those “contaminants” that pose a significant risk is chlorine. Water utilities use chlorine because it effectively kills microbes. These microorganisms pose a huge risk to human health. They can cause disease and even death in just a short time period.

Chlorine has effectively killed those harmful microorganisms. However, some recent studies say that chlorine can still cause harm. Long-term ingestion might cause cancers. Both short- and long-term exposure by showering might also cause skin irritation and allergies.

In addition, chlorine reacts with organic compounds to form trihalomethanes (THMs). These THMs are known to be carcinogenic. There are also other disinfection by-products that might cause harm to human health.

To reduce the risk, families must install water filters in their homes. This applies not only to the water we drink, but also to the water we use for showering. That’s why it helps to install a shower filter.

What is a shower filter?

Shower filters remove chlorine and other harmful chemicals from water. They let water molecules pass through while leaving behind the contaminants. It’s a straightforward way to making the water clean and safe.

Why install a shower filter?

Our skin pores open when we take a shower (especially when it’s hot shower). This means chlorine and other harmful chemicals are likely to be absorbed by our bodies. Another way chlorine comes into our bodies is through inhalation. Chlorine and other chemicals can come straight into our bloodstream in this pathway.

Showering with no filters also pose another risk especially to children. Kids can be playful while taking a bath. There are times that they ingest the water from the shower (accidentally or intentionally). It’s another clear reason for installing a shower filter. It also complements your use of water filters in your sink and faucets.

How to choose a shower filter?

It’s good to spend some time and attention in choosing a shower filter. You and your family will use it every day. A shower filter is a good investment that can help ensure your family’s safety.

One important thing to consider before choosing a shower filter is its actual ability to remove chlorine especially during hot showers. You should also consider durability. You and your family will be using the shower in a regular basis and in hot shower conditions. There are shower filters that can last up to over a year. Easy installation is also one thing you should consider. Replacement cartridges should be easily installed so there will be no hassles.

If you need a shower filter that’s durable and easy to install, we can help you with that. Contact us now if you want a fast and friendly service.

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