Your office might have the finest furniture, the most relaxed dress code, and you might even have the coolest boss. It’s a good thing to love the place you work, but does your workplace love you back? If your 9-5 home doesn’t have a water filter cooler, it’s not doing its job to look after the most important resource; the employees. A water cooler does more than provide a way to be hydrated during the day.

Water Coolers Keep Costs Down

Of course, every business is interested in keeping costs low, but only within their four walls. A filtered office water cooler actually reduces costs for everyone. If you don’t have to bring a water bottle to work in the morning, you’re saving yourself some needless wasted cash. Over 90% of the cost of a standard filtered water bottle ends up in the hands of the transportation, the handling company, and the delivery company. This really adds up, especially since the same amount of bottled water can cost up to 10,000 times more than the exact same amount of tap water.

Add to this that water bottles don’t always make it to the recycling centre. More often, they end up in the tip where they take centuries to degrade. It costs money to dispose of these bottles, and the costs of producing the plastic are also extremely high. If your office wants to support its employees, a water cooler could play a significant part.

Water Filters Help to Encourage Healthier Staff

Besides offering an environmentally friendly solution to bottled water, if your office space wants to actively care for the staff, then water is the way. Just as an ATM will encourage up 20% of passers-by to make a deposit, so will a water cooler filter encourage people to grab a drink of water as they pass. It suppresses that 3PM stomach grumble and helps with digestion and metabolism. Health books might be all over the shop in terms of advice given, but they all agree that filtered water is an absolute must for a healthy life.

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