The Highlights of an Undersink Water Filter

Using a water filtration system in convergence with your water supply engages micro technology to ensure your water is free from sediment and other particles that pollute primary water mains. Such particles can cause harm to human digestive tracts and other parts of the body. Once you have your Clean & Clear water filter installed, […]

How Does Contaminated Water Affect Humans?

How does contaminated water affect humans? The immediate effects can include contraction of cholera, typhoid fever and dysentery while the long-term effects include serious damage to the kidney, liver, bone and brain. Contaminated water can be classified into 2 categories according to what is causing the contamination: microbes and chemicals. Microbes (bacteria and parasites) often […]

RO Filters Replacement: When & How to Do It

RO filters replacement should ideally be done every 12 months. This is to ensure optimal effectiveness of your whole reverse osmosis system. Failure to do this would result to contaminants being still present in your drinking water. Why should the filters and cartridges be replaced? First, filters accumulate debris which can result to clogging. This […]

Are Instant Hot Water Taps Any Good?

Are Instant Boiling Water Taps A Good Investment? Are instant boiling water taps a good investment for you and your family? In this comprehensive article we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages. We’ll also discuss some concerns and praises from customers who’ve been using undersink on-demand water heaters for months and years. Instant hot water units […]

Here’s Why You Need a Compact RO System

A compact RO system (reverse osmosis water purifier) can remove arsenic, asbestos, lead and other impurities from drinking water. The use of reverse osmosis in filtering out contaminants started almost 50 years ago. It’s a result of the need for clean water for laboratory, technical and industrial purposes. Later on, reverse osmosis was also extensively […]

Under Counter Multi Stage Filters: 5 Things to Know

Perhaps you’re considering which under counter multi stage filters to purchase and install for your home. That’s why in this comprehensive guide (15-minute read), we’ll discuss the different stages, processes, costs, possible drawbacks and advantages that undersink filtration systems have. Let’s start with the stages and costs. 1. More stages, higher costs General rule is […]

Is a Reverse Osmosis System Worth It?

Is a reverse osmosis system worth it? In this comprehensive article we’ll explore the benefits, costs, return on investment (ROI), possible drawbacks and other things. We’ll also discuss which specific features to look for before you commit to reverse osmosis for your home. In addition, we’ll compare reverse osmosis (RO) with other water purification systems. […]

7 Common Misconceptions About Drinking Water

In Sydney and other parts of the globe, there are many misconceptions about drinking water. These “myths” stand the test of time maybe because many companies promote these with their interests in mind. Let’s examine some of those myths and find out the truth by using science and some common knowledge: 1. You only get […]

Water Filter Replacement Cartridges: Making the Right Choice

Water filter replacement cartridges come in different sizes, brands and specifications. That’s why you should be careful in the selection if you want your water filter to perfectly work. One main reason is that a small difference can affect the overall performance of your filter. In addition, compatibility is also a main concern. Although there […]

Sediment Filter Sydney: Why You Should Have One

When it comes to sediment filter Sydney families are careful to choose. That’s because it’s their health and safety which are at stake. If the filter is effective, the families (especially the kids) will avoid ingesting harmful chemicals and particles. Why do we need to remove the sediments? Sediments, dust and other particles can contain […]